Horizon HT 30

HT 30 by Horizon from location . Get in touch with us – we will be happy to give you advice without obligation.

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Jul 20

Construction year: 2007

Printing count:

Receiving state: good
Assembly condition: can be seen in production

– Counter: 1.2 mio
usage: solo (offline)
technology: touch & work
operation: stack and cut up to 10 copies at the
same time and full automatic
cutting process: knife works in two directions ->
cuts without damages
conveyor: stack tray of the cut books
saveable jobs: 40 memories for repeat orders
setting: precise adjustment via touch screen
numbers of books: small and medium jobs
untrimmed book size:
max. 320x235x51mm
min. 152x136x1mm

trimmed book size:

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